tell the stories that ground you, connect you, and unite you with those around you.  tell the stories that can heal you and help others.  tell the stories that dispel hatred, stereotypes, and misconceptions.  tell the stories that bring you joy and give you purpose.  tell the stories that are beautiful and full of light.  tell the stories that are dark and ugly and full of hope.  tell the stories that make use of your hands, your mind, your heart.  tell the stories that will challenge you to see yourself differently, better, stronger, happier, more courageous.  tell the stories that you are afraid to tell. tell the stories that must be told. tell the stories of your daily life.  tell the stories of the smallest, most precious moments.  tell the stories of your most life-altering experiences.  tell the stories of your memories.  tell the stories of your dreams.  tell your story, and let us connect, be changed, and better for knowing you as you are.


THE CAMERA a tool.  it is mankind's miraculous timekeeper.  it is the mechanism by which we capture moments, life fleeting, something there before it is gone.  perhaps you notice it at first and then it melts effortlessly into the background as your story rightfully emerges as the most crucial and important subject of our time together.



...will be honest.  they will tell your story with authenticity.  they will form a collection powerful in their stillness, empowering in their beauty; magnanimous and raw in their purpose.  these photos will serve as the invaluable authentication of your personhood, your existence, your profound place in the vast web of humanity.  



...we will talk, we will meet, we will plan.  all of the logistics, fees, and contract will be behind us before we begin the session.  from here, you will share and I will listen, and together we will do as much or as little work that ought to be done in preparation for our session. during the session, we will realize our collective vision with patience, sensitivity, humor, compassion and commitment.


TRUST me.  we have come together in partnership to embark on this journey.  i will lead with my expertise, passion and total commitment to realizing your vision.  no stone will be left unturned.  i will value and honor your story from a place of deep-seated gratitude.  it is your trust in me and our connection that truly gives me immense joy and purpose!  



...must turn inward.  do not worry about the camera.  trust in yourself.  give yourself permission to be free in the moment, to be totally and completely yourself.  this is not about ego, it's about truth, trust, beauty and believing in your value.  just be you and that is enough.   



...during our session, i will gently support and guide you with care not to infringe upon the organic nature of the process.  afterwards, i will painstakingly hand edit each and every chosen image in my editing style, providing you with a stunning replica of your story.  to be clear, no photoshop manipulation will occur - solely a realization of your images in their truest authentic form.



...packages start at $525, and include your images carefully curated and
meticulously hand-edited in preparation for a beautiful archival album.
let's get in touch, and i'll send you all the information you need.