Central Park, New York City

People come and go,
and they move to and fro,
and they leave shimmering threads of memories along the passageways they have traveled.
           Our paths crossed and they asked...
           Would you capture this moment in time, our New York moment, before we say goodbye - we have loved it so!

And with my memory-maker
and with their fondness for each other,
we immortalized time and all of their beauty and all of their joy and all of their love,
These three lovers and their memories.

This is their love story...

Please press play...

We weren't looking for each other that night, he and I
We were with our friends, and together at a party, we met
            Il était Français, je suis Français...
A few days later we went to dinner in the West Village, and after,
          we kissed in a musty, old, almost-empty bar
                     (The White Horse Tavern)
Central Park was a little bit like home... the only place that smelled like home
   and Biboune and I would pass by the fountain every morning on our walks

           Je vais manquer ces longues promenades...

Biboune came into my life six years ago and followed me on all of my adventures,
   and then to New York City where he was my joy and my strength and my protector (from bigger dogs, of course!)

And here, he met his Daddy...
He is most expressive
                 in a single look
                 by a twitch of the tail
                 in so many moments of joy
                 and sometimes,
                            nous voyons et connaissons son amour...
She loves me with her whole heart just as she loves her family
         just as she cares for everyone she loves
        I just love her...
A memory one day at this very lake
      when Biboune mistook this verdant water for verdant land
      and stepped in and to his great surprise fell head-first
      and emerged quite green and not too happy to be green
      and especially soaked which required a second bath at home
      (to his great distaste quite like the green lake!)
      Oh, Biboune!
And another memory
       during the bitter and chilling winter of 2015
       when we found ourselves at the edge of this lake again
       and we stepped upon it, us and Biboune,
                            and not long after we met, we skated together on the soles of our paws and shoes... 
I lean back and he is always there
      with his love
      his support
      his assurance
Je me penche en arrière et il est toujours là!
She is vibrant and audacious
Pushing me always to my limits and beyond
Loving me with truth and sincerity
I just love her
I just love her    
        Je l'aime tellement!
We will miss so many things
All of the memories we made
All of the memories we had yet to make
We will miss these beautiful days and all of the simple things that made this home
Rooftops overlooking the blinking skyline
Forever seared in the spools of our memories
          Jusqu'à ce que nous retournons...
But just one more thing before we go...
Oh, and this too!