Top of the Rock at Rockefeller Center, New York City

Sometimes love happens at the most unexpected times, in the most unexpected places, and sometimes it is love that serves as the universal language between two people.  Rob and Marcelo passed each other on a block in Queens and decided to take a chance.  It wasn't until they exchanged hellos that each realized the other did not speak his respective language.  However, as love will have it, and as Rob, an actor and playwright recounts, they played charades until the restaurant closed in the wee hours of their first date together - his FAVORITE game!  It was magic, peppered with a little English, a little Portuguese, a lot of big gestures, and most importantly those quiet unspoken messages that pass between two hearts destined for a beautiful journey together, the language of love.

Rob called me four days before his proposal and asked that I capture the moment he would surprise Marcelo at the Top of the Rock in New York City.  He told me he would not be dropping down on one knee to preserve a semblance of intimacy in one of the most breathtaking and busy tourist destinations in the world.  He had prepared a few things for Marcelo: a love song in Portuguese, and the proposal entirely translated into Portuguese as a gesture to their beginnings.  I watched as Marcelo realized what was happening, as the tears welled, as his love for Rob and this momentous occasion were electrified by the stunning backdrop of this New York City evening - two lovers on top of the world.    

Please press play...

Just as the evening was winding down, Marcelo took Rob's hand and realized that Rob was not wearing his engagement ring, a tradition they decided upon as they discussed their future proposal.  He asked Rob for the ring, and took a quiet moment to place his hand over Rob's heart and whisper his own proposal.  It was breathtaking to witness such a poignantly beautiful moment in the lives of these two people who had found each other and together built the language that would pass between them on this very day, filled with so much clarity, love, and contentment.