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In this series, I am exploring the relentless existence of nature in the city where I live. In the stifling environment of a metropolis, nature's sturdy and resolute character has become for me an allegory of hope.  Hope in the cracks.  I have experienced so many of my most fulfilling life experiences on the summits of mountains and deep within the sea completely engulfed by nature's vastness and power.  It has, in turn, provided me with eternal wonder, humility, and an obligation to protect its existence. When I glimpse it creeping, reflecting, and stubbornly erupting from the cracks and crevices of the city, I am filled with reverence for its fortitude.  This has instilled in me the belief that where there is nature, there is hope, even in the cracks.

These photographs were made in New York City in the uptown neighborhood of Inwood.  They were captured digitally and hand-edited.